thank you

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I’ve been pestering my mother about preparing my favorite menu items, pressuring my little brother to get home sooner (the relatives are always a little looney and difficult to put up with alone around the holidays), and thinking about those things that I’m thankful for.

Here is my list. Make yours.

1. Parents. Mine and everyone else’s. It took a villiage to raise me.

2. My little brother, Brian. He is spunky and fierce and brave and always on my side. And he reminds me that love doesn’t have an end or a time frame, or lines that it stays between, or distances it can’t span, or rules – any rules – that it always follows. And he makes delicious pecan pie.

3. Employment. Even if it means being scared of something new. Even if it means moving away.

4. Friends. Who manage to only remember the good times and forgive all the rest. Who are here, who are there. Who are bringing Thanksgiving traditions into new families. In new homes, new marriages, new countries.

5. Another year. To be thankful for, to start over, to try again, to live our buried lives.

“… But often, in the world’s most crowded streets; But often, in the din of strife; There rises an unspeakable desire; After the knowledge of our buried life.”    – Matthew Arnold (1852)


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